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In simple terms, WIT loads products from rail cars to semis, and from semis to rail cars. In addition, we have the potential to arrange additional services such as repair, inspect, and clean rail cars, and can help facilitate and find trucking firms with a variety of trailers to suit all of your needs. We will also handle CP Rail paperwork, interactions, and negotiations, and can work directly with shippers and buyers as well. We will make sure your work with us runs smoothly and with ease.


We are capable of assisting, facilitating, handling, and organizing a combination of services, either ourselves or through our trusted 3rd parties. We can also help negotiate prices on anything you need. Our experience and relationships within the industry and within CP Rail allow us to leverage the market and bring buyers and sellers together all-over North America.

With over 6,000 feet of workable track, WIT can efficiently handle up to 60 train cars on spot and will have train access or switches, regularly or often as needed. We offer transloading of products; liquid & bulk material, and more, and we are capable and certified to handle dangerous commodities. We can also help facilitate the safe and efficient offload of products, so you can trust us to handle your goods with care.

Workers working on the rail track

Our Mission

Weyburn Industrial Transload strives to satisfy its customers by transloading their materials with respect and safety in mind while remaining competitive, fair, and honest in the rail business.

Why Our Business Makes a Difference

WIT allows many companies from around North America access to SE, Saskatchewan, and more precisely the city of Weyburn & greater area which is very heavily involved in agriculture, oil and gas, potash mining, manufacturing, and green energy environmental projects.
Rail line near empty ground

About the Shareholders

Our team started Weyburn Industrial Transload because we wanted to build a local business with a familiar face that the community could trust. This business is not about the individual partners, but our customers and the community. We believe that when the surrounding community and the RMs are on board with any project, that’s when success happens, and that’s what the WIT team strives for. This business was created by understanding the need for a commercial industrial rail siding in SE, Sask. This site will allow many companies to get access to the rail they never had before

Anything becomes possible when like-minded people come together; communication is our biggest strength, after all, and by working in a team and bringing companies together, common goals become reachable.

About Us

We started Weyburn Industrial Transload because we wanted to build a local business with a familiar face that the community could trust. This business is not about us, but our customers and the needs of our community.


We charge on a per tonne or per rail car basis. Prices can be adjusted for higher volume shipping and consistent monthly carloads. WIT generally likes to sign a minimum of 1 year deals with upwards to 3-5, to reflect the market and take advantage of any beneficial cost savings.

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